The lens on my Asahi Pentax...?


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Alrighty.. so I'm kind of new to photography(not really) but I'm still learning things
So I just got my first film camera, thanks to goodwill (it's fully functioning too!) And I don't really know much about film cameras. My camera's a Asahi Pentax S3 and the problem is when i look through the viewfinder, its always blurry no matter what i do to the lens..
Does that mean there's something wrong with the lens?
Or is it suppose to be like that? (Highly doubt it)
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Not sure about the S3 but most modern cameras have an adjustment to focus the viewfinder have you tried that? Usually it's a slider just above the eyepiece. point the camera at a plain wall and adjust so the markings on the focus screen are sharp.
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The S3 is a very old manual film camera with a fixed eyepiece dioptre setting, probably of -1. This means that the effective distance from the eye to the focusing screen is about 1m so if you can't focus your eye that close it will always be blurred.

The solution for this could simply be to use reading glasses when using the camera. Then focus may well be very easy. Just turn the focusing ring until the image is sharp.

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Older cameras required a dioptre adjuster, which fitted into the little grooves on either side of the eyepiece. I still have one somewhere, but it probably wouldn't be right for your eye.

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You can often buy the dioptre adjuster lenses via ebay, although you may have fun finding the precise type you need as obviously they come in different strengths.

It's worth checking for any dirt on the mirror or the eyepiece, although this does sound more like a dioptre thing. Whatever you do, don't attempt to clean the focusing screen. Any form of solvent (even mild stuff like lens cleaning fluid) will wreck it. You can use a puffer bulb to blow dust away or a soft brush if you need to, but be very gentle.

The mirror and eyepiece can safely be cleaned with a cotton bud and computer monitor cleaning spray - just spray the bud and then use it to wipe the components, then use a fresh bud to polish it dry.

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The mirror and eyepiece can safely be cleaned with a cotton bud and computer monitor cleaning spray

Steady on there Matt! Mirrors are best left well alone - they can easily be knocked out of alignment and the front surface relective coating is very fragile. Once it's out, then so is your focusing accuracy.
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As far as I recall the S3 and H3 are the same so the manual here CLICKY LINK may be of halp.
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