The 45.


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Many years ago, I spent a large portion of my student grant on a new Pentax MX, it lasted me up until the digital era, and after a few bridge cameras I came back to Pentax with acquisition of a K-5. It rekindled my interest in photography as well as my interest in the photographic equipment. I was delighted to be able to use my original Pentax M series lenses on the K-5, so set about getting a few more. Frequently bought from Ebay, these lenses often came attached to old film bodies, initially the bodies went into a box, but then a curious thing happened; I developed a fascination for the K mount film body as a species.

I think you know where this is going. Some might call it an obsession, but it seemed harmless to me and beats my childhood stamp collecting hobby. Cameras have the added advantage of functionality – each of these little pieces of photographic machine history works perfectly, so I began taking photographs with film once more. Not a lot, but enough to slow me down and rediscover the art of planned anticipation that is crucial to film photography.

The original K series were, for me, quite a discovery, in the M series lies Pentax’s first autofocus SLR body, there is the masterful LX, the A series a curious delight – such automation and the first Pentax with integral motor drive, The P series seems like a backwards step but provided a low cost alternative to the more serious and distinctly larger autofocus SF series –these two series were no doubt considered stylish in their day! The Z series seemed to get Pentax back on Track with the Z-1 carrying the standard. Following this Pentax rediscovered themselves with the diminutive MZ series culminating in their best autofocus film camera – the fantastic MZ-S. Finally Pentax gave us their last film SLR, the curiously named but fully featured and incredibly small *ist.

In total I have given home to 45 of these lovely bodies. Including my original silver MX, they are: KM, KX, K2, K1000 SE, K2 DMD; MX (black), ME, ME Super, MV, MV1, MG, ME F; LX; Super A, Super Program, Program A, Program Plus, A3; P30, P50, P30N, P30T; SFX, SF7, SFXn; Z-1, Z-1p, Z-5p, Z-10, Z-20, Z-50p, Z-70; MZ-3, MZ-5, MZ-10, MZ-M, MZ-5N, MZ-50, MZ-7, MZ-30, MZ-6, MZ-60, MZ-S; and the *ist.

It is effectively the complete range of Pentax K mount film bodies, so if any of you wish to know something about these cameras please don’t hesitate to contact me. Specification data is thoroughly covered in Bojidar Dimitorv's excellent pages. There may be some minor variations (mostly with ‘p’ suffix) that I don’t have, but I have enough and it’s got to stop somewhere!

If I add my three M42s (S1, Spotmatic, and ES II), my 645N and Auto 110, and perhaps one day a 67, then I will have one for each week of the year. Now with 52 films - there’s a retirement plan!


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That's quite a collection.

My small collection is definitely missing quite a few and I have managed to stop myself starting on the medium format/110 cameras, so far. Mind you I have succumbed to a few more of the m42's and the big problem with the LX is it has lots of bits to go with it,. Finders, drives, screens, backs etc...,

Do you think the wife will see it as valid retirement plan?


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That's a great collection Ronnie and a great story too. I think you should set yourself one more challenge (don't worry it won't cost you anything) - a photo of your impressive collection


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A bit late to this thread but that is a great post and a remarkable collection. I wonder if anybody on this forum has even more Pentax bodies?
I've bought 3 film bodies myself in recent weeks and begun dabbling again with film. I'n not sure if it might be better to put a 'lid' on this now!

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