Test your colour recognition!


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Anvh, I can just about see a 3 in the first one, sod all in the rest, might have to stop driving, ( always wondered why people were "flashing" me at the traffic lights, I thought they were just morons.

No point in me getting one of these fancy coloured K-x camera's then


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duh ?
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alig, well as Fred West one said, I just did it for the "Tennents"


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Galoot you can always shoot in B&W right?

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Galoot you can always shoot in B&W right?

As long as he doesn't want to use any filters
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Galoot wrote:
well as Fred West one said, I just did it for the "Tennents"

lol, near p****d myself with that one!


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Scored 4, but it's about midnight and a bit sleepy. No any adjustments to my monitor (Samsung SyncMaster 970P) - but it reproduces colours nicely I think.
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score: 8
eyes: now wonky
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With the colour discrimination test in the original post, how much does the monitor quality or calibration matter?

Increasing brightness and contrast may make a difference to allow a user to discriminate between two close colour, but ...

If a monitor is skewed towards a certain part of the spectrum it will have an effect on all of the colours and a user should still be able to sort them correctly. Unless you have a graphics card that only does 4bit colour!

As an analogy - sort 10 consecutive numbers into reverse order. Now, it would not matter if the numbers were 1 to 10 or had an offset of 0.2 and went 1.2, 2.2, 3.2, ... or a 20% offset so, 1.1, 2.2, 3.3, 4.4 ...

Discuss ...
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alig wrote:
Found this test on another forum.

Found it interesting and fun.

Follow the link and choose your country, then rearrange the tabs in order.

Sounds easy.

I tried it and got 16, then tried it with my screen brightness up... got 0.

The lower the score the better.

My eyes still hurt...



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Very interesting test. I'm going to get my wife to do it as we're always disagreeing when it comes to colour.

I scored 8. Not bad for a 68 year old I reckon


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I scored 69!

And I can't see the second of Stefan's pictures so I probably have Deuteranopia then. That's a bugger, I'm sure I was healthy when I woke up this morning...
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I'm blind, I'm blind,
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FWIW, I scored about 30. I then profiled and calibrated my monitor using ArgyllCMS and a Huey and tried again ....... and scored about 30.

I also seem to have Deuteranopia, ho hum ..........

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Scored 23 but I did it quickly on uncalibrated laptop. However, I did this integrated test and found 92% on the deuteropic one. 100% OK on the others. A second go gave 100,100,97 so I'm confused now. My wife claims I can't tell green from blue sometimes.
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