Tangled trees.


Link Posted 29/04/2022 - 14:24
More pics of the vine tangled trees. More or less SOOC with a bit of brightness and contrast added, used the old flash too.






6. Bit out of focus here but left in rather than crop it.



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I've just been cutting back some unruly ivy in the garden - thank goodness the stems weren't as thick as these!!!

Numbers 2 and 4 stand out for me. To my eyes, they look as if a multi-tentacled creature is climbing up the trunk. Scary .



Link Posted 30/04/2022 - 14:45
Lubbyman, you know they're alive and sentient don't you? (And vindictive). Be afraid...

They're also great pictures, loadoftripe.
Be well, stay safe.
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Thanks guys for the comments.
I googled this growth and it's called English Ivy. The tree's in the picture were only about 15 to 20 feet high and I didn't check what they were, not Ash/beech or oak I'm pretty sure. The ivy was 4 inch diameter approx, what amazed me it had reached across the canopy to a second tree and was as thick as a large Python i.e. 4 inch dia. in other areas too. Evil looking in places. For such a small tree(s) this growth must have taken many years. It was quite dark under this canopy of leaves of both Ivy and trees, as still early'ish spring, hence I took a flash for the K1. It reminded me of the Vigeland sculpture park in Oslo.


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Positive comments well deserved, loadoftripe.

I've seen similar stuff in the jungles of Borneo. The vines there end up hollowing out the tree resulting in some incredible 'sculptures' as it were.
Be well, stay safe.


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They're like a strangle hold on the tree! What a subject!
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