Switzerland - A few weekend pics


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As I'm new around this forum I thought I post a few pics from my last few weekend outings. I was trying to capture the autumn colours while the weather was good. I probably took too many lenses with me as was testing out my new Limiteds against my DA 12-24

1. Seewlialp, Kanton Uri, Switzerland. DA 12-24mm.

2. Seewlialp, Kanton Uri, Switzerkand DA 12-24mm

The next two are a couple of spontaneous shots that turned out to capture the light pretty well. Great flare resistance on the 21 Ltd.

3. Seewlialp, Kanton Uri, Switzerkand DA 21 Ltd.

4. Seewlialp, Kanton Uri, Switzerkand DA 21 Ltd.

Ubiquitous swiss cow shot, everyone needs one I blew out the highlights to give it a bit of a dreamy feel. Not sure it worked?

5. Truebsee, Engelberg, Switzerland A 28mm.

The DA 12-24 is great for panoramas without the need to stress out my laptop with stitching. I stressed it with merging three exposures instead:

6. Seewlialp, Kanton Uri, Switzerkand DA 12-24mm

Another pano with the 12-24mm:

7. Seewlialp, Kanton Uri, Switzerkand DA 12-24mm

Klewenalp before the skiiers arrive next month. There's nothing specical about this picture, but there is something I like about it being a bit low key:

8. Klewenalp, Nidwadlen Switzerland DA 40 Ltd.

The 15 Ltd is pretty good with flare too

9. Buochs, Nidwalden, Switzerland DA 15 Ltd.

A few more weekend picks here.
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Very nice
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All very nice, the purity of light is stunning.


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looks like i got to go to Switzerland great set all really good shots
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Great set . 7 and 9 are real standouts IMHO.

Some of my vaguely better stuff
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Switzerland is a beautiful part of the world. I am truly envious. Thanks for posting
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I am excessively fond of the Alps. A lovely set.
Best wishes,


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Thanks for all your generous comments. You don't have to be nice to me just because I'm new I don't mind a bit of criticism.
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I used to want to visit Switzerland.
Now I am going and my Mrs is already looking at timeshares we can book!
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Gorgeous! ...... Don't look anything like our
slag heaps..... can't even see any coal dust!
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Beautiful images.
Last time I was there I couldn't see a hand in front of my face.These may encourage me to return.



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Lovely images. It's time I did a re-visit to friends in Winterthur



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they are so crisp. I do like the cow
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Thanks all. I must confess it's pretty hard to get bad photos, there is some pretty nice scenery around here! A trip to Switzerland is highly recommended!

davidstorm wrote:
the purity of light is stunning.

davidtrout wrote:
Superb light

I think I was very lucky with the weather, we had a few really nice clear days after a lot of rain. Of course the light was low being late in the year. I didn't use a polariser for any of the pictures (although maybe I should have, in hindsight, to take the shine off the grass) but the skies still came out nicely.
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