summer evening meadow...


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making use of the 'golden hour' yesterday evening...

C&C welcome as usual


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Beautiful, love the mono tone look. If you toned down or clones out the grass stem close to the right of the main subject, would it make it a stronger image?
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Beautifully handled light
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Gorgeous as it is but Barrie may have a point re that stray grass stem.
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Very nice, I love this kind of shots.
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That really works for me. Good shooting
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If you took that stem away you'd need to remove the one on the left too because it would become unbalanced. Flat on his front with his neck straining backwards to see either the screen or the viewfinder I think it's a nice job - and, lighting aside, those dandelion heads are right !"$%%^s to photograph successfully (now it will turn out that it's either a flip up screen or a 90 degree eyepiece!)
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Just my take.......

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thanks for all the great comments - looking at the image again now, I think i would have positioned myself better for the shot to make sure the balance was right with the stems...

this was taken lying flat on the ground and it was a bit of a job to use either LV or the eyepeice to confirm the image focus/dof, etc.

might get a flucard for the k3 then at least I could use a phone screen as remote viewer and shutter ?

many thanks again


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