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Richard Grant

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I need a compact digital camera for the, er, wife. I am a dedicated Pentaxophile with a long string of SLRs and have been for decades.

I did buy an RS1000 but this turned out to be a disaster. The flip lid over the battery/memory card compartment slides open with the minimal of pressure (it just didn't lock shut properly) and this could well have been damaged by accident so the camera has been returned to the retailer. I now need a real replacement.

My requirements are minimal; a decent sensor, versatile options, compact shape, light weight and very usable by a non-photographer wife. What would members recommend?



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Richard, what is your budget?
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Amongst the Pentax compacts:

X90 if you want a bridge camera. This is a superb performer.

I-10 for inexpensive and good quality with retro style.

W90 for shockproof and waterproof features. No problem in dusty and wet conditions such as the beach.

RS1000 seems to have been faulty, so a replacement one should be fine. Fun camera that delivers good quality.
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The i10 is very popular with other forum members.

I have the RZ10 which I am very happy with. Slips nicely in a pocket, has lots of modes which are easy to access and choose and a good 10x zoom. The colours are a tad garish but I actually really like my green one.

Edit -I've just seen Daniel Bell's review of teh RZ10 over on e-photozine

John did a review of the i10 over there too.
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Richard Grant

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Richard, what is your budget?

Probably 180 or less.

Thanks to those who've suggested models, I shall explore them all.



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Whilst I'm happy with the Pentax DSLR line-up I tend to look elsewhere for compacts - Canon do very well here, the SX210/SX130 look pretty good, the Ixus range are excellent although a bit more limited on features. I'm soon to buy one myself & it will be the Panasonic TZ10 but its a little out of the price range you mentioned

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I bought my daughter in law a Panasonic DMC ZX3 for her Australia trip. She wanted something light and easy to use. The photos I've seen on her Facebook page have been excellent.


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Hmmm - I'm with others here. Although the Pentax compacts are quite capable, they aren't really "best of breed", although I think the W90 is a particularly convincing little camera but not one that suits the needs you have outlined.

Personally I'd be looking at Canon or Lumix - they are the leaders in making excellent compact cameras for people who want to produce good shots with minimal hassle. The Pentax designs are good, but probably a generation behind the very best.
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