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Just treated myself to a new I-10 for Christmas. It seems OK so far, but I miss the printed manual. Everything seems to be pdf these days.

Can somebody explain what the difference is between 12M and 12MH settings in Recorded Pixels? Since the file size is quite different, I assume that it is a case of JPEG compression, but no explanation was to be found in the manual.
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This link for another Pentax compact says the number of pixels in 12M and 12MH are the same but your memory card will hold far more images in 12M. As you suggest, Terry, it looks like the difference is the amount of compression. 12MH could stand for 12M (High quality) or something similar. Or perhaps not. It would have been helpful if they'd explained this clearly. link

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I was wondering what the difference was myself.

The quality at 12M on my i10 is superb so I haven't altered it.
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I think there is an explanation in general terms, that is that there is a relationship between how much compression and image quality. It's easy to miss in the manual though.

In essence I always use the highest quality levels, just in case the shot I take happens to be a useful one that I want to do more with than usual. It would be a shame to shoot a masterpiece and then find it was web dimensions...
Best regards, John
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