Storing External Hard Drives


Link Posted 19/08/2014 - 23:15
Is it ok to store two (or more) external hard drives together?

I have two small Western Digital Passport hard drives. Is there any problem storing them on top of each other in say a plastic Tupperware type box. Will the data on one be affected by the other and vice-versa?

Thank you.
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You might like to drop in some (active) silica gel as the atmosphere could be a little moist in the Tupperware, otherwise can't think why they'd be a problem.


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Will the data on one be affected by the other and vice-versa?

No, not at all.

Just watch out that you have all your eggs in one basket (e.g. if you drop the box then both could be affected badly).

As mentioned above, putting in some dry silica gel bags will help (you can dry them out in a very cool oven), and something to cushion them if they fall.

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Thanks Barry & Matt.
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I'm assuming these hold backups.

Will you be keeping them off-site? If not have you considered keeping a second backup off-site?

I ask because many people who backup their files religiously keep the backups at home and fail to recognise the risk of loss due to fire or burglary.


Link Posted 20/08/2014 - 23:21
Yes they are backups, not of the same thing though. They will be kept at the wife's work. Thanks.
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