Starting Them Young


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We now have a lineage of Pentax Users in the family!

Sue and myself we can take as read, but daughter now has a Pentax E60, eldest Grandaughter(eight) has a Pentax T30 that I used to use. Second grandaughter(nearly 3) has on the way a Pentax E10 that she will be using under guidance.

The young ones use them when we go somewhere suitable (Martin Mere planned for Monday) and the 8 year old is actually very good. She has a nice eye for a balanced picture even now.

Start them young indeed!
Best regards, John
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How wonderful John, our twin grandsons are not quite five yet but I am collecting kit for them too. Two reasons why i didn`t part ex the K10.

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It's great to get young ones involved in anything they find fun. I really think it stimulated them and gives them a thirst for knowledge.
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It is good to get young ones interested in photography and using a Pentax camera



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My son is now 3 going on 4. Last year we bought him a digital fisher price camera and some of the results have been surprisingly good. Its been fun seeing the world through the eyes of a 3 year old. I think it will be a while before we buy him his first proper camera though, unless Pentax decide to make an armour plated optio soon.


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We buy them inexpensive ones from eBay and try to teach them how to be careful.

Accidents can and will happen and we accept that.
Best regards, John


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On a slightly different note, today I took my family to the Sydney Royal Easter Show, and during the course of the day, spotted a large number of mostly Asians with Nikon/Canon digital slr cameras, and lenses valued in the thousands. Only once did I see a Pentax, a K100D Super, no less, in the hands of a good, solid Aussie lass, with a kit 18-55 lens. I look forward to seeing her shots on the Gallery.
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