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It would be good to get that M28 F3.5 onto a K1 David ... An even better field of view for landscapes!

I imagine there's quite a few of us who will be keeping a close watch on the market once the K1 beds in, although I somehow suspect it won't be a candidate for any real ' black Friday' sort of flash sales. ....

There's not exactly much choice with modern primes it seems for now .... Certainly wider than 35mm on FF the modern choices all seem to have their individual quirks, plus some frustrations when not offered for K mount ... Or am I missing some obvious ones ?
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Older lenses have a different look, a different character. I have the DFA 100/2.8 macro and the A100/2.8 macro and I like using them both. Same goes for the K30 and FA31.

In terms of bargain lenses then a K55/1.8 or M50/1.7 you might as well have since they are so cheap.

What I have noticed is certain lenses really coming into their own with the K-1. The FA43 for example looks terrific.
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I have a host of legacy lenses and a few recommendations.

One hidden unlikely gem is the Pentax-M 35-70mm f2.8-f3.5, it is brick heavy, even moreso than the other M lenses due to the many elements of glass and it means quality IQ. It is a godsend for landscapes and especially sunsets. Possibly the best I have ever taken was using this lens. It is proper sharp, great contrast, minimal distortion. It was good in Lightroom that I doubted myself and thought it was the M 50 f1.4 I was also using but at 70mm it was superb!

The obvious one is the M 50mm f1.7, I got this mint on a ME Super SLR camera for 19. The M f1.4 is great too but you don't need it except if you want dreamy looking photos at f1.4. Might be better on f2 than the M f1.7 but not sure.

SMC 'K' 135mm f3.5 - I just got this and it is so sharp you would need a Zeiss Otus to outresolve it. It also does dreamy as well and is sharp so cracker for portraits of anything. I still have to try it for landscapes, the reason I bought it.

Pentax-M 28mm f3.5 - This has been my most used landscape prime for ages and is always with me. The SMC K version is reportably better, worth swapping for the build quality alone, if the M is a tank, the K is an uber tank and a Rolls Royce tank at that! The Ltds aren't even like these!

I could go on but these are just a few. I own 'A' lenses too but I stopped buying them as they only have Hum-Vee build quality although optically some of them are premier league. Try acquiring an A Macro 200mm...

That's the reason you chose Pentax right? The legacy!
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Hi, when using these smc lenses i have been using a light meter to get reading then selecting the f stop on the lens, sometimes it does not work as f stop is in between so i have selected a different shutter speed to make it fall in with the f stops on the lens, is this the correct idea



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davidwozhere wrote:
You can do a lot worse than browse Ebay. You can pick up umpteen manual lenses for peanuts and try them out. That's how I got most of mine and how I learned which were the best - like Takumar 55mm f1.8 (equivalent but better to your M50mm) Helios 44M-7 (stunning - needs a small modification but will take on all comers) Pentacon f3.5 30mm (which is a Meyer Optic 'Lydith') Jupiter 11A 135mm (knocks spots off a Zeiss Sonnar). None of these should cost you more than 20. And finally, the really el-cheapo Miranda 28mm macro (Ex Dixon's Bargain Basement - except it's a little gem). Just put M42 in the search box under Cameras and Photography.

I have the Pentacon f3.5 30mm, It was the first lens I ever bought off ebay and I got it for 6.01 !

I agree that it's a great lens but like Nigel I tend to use AF lenses most of the time when I'm out & about.


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I own a fair amount of M42 and KA lenses, I love them, but to be very hones to myself,
I have to say, that the few modern lenses I have, really are better than the older lenses.
Also there are quite inexpensive new type lenses.
EG. the DA35 f2.4 . It is a simple looking lens, but very nicely made . no wobbles. The picture quality is just outstanding and I believe beats any of the non AF 35mm lenses. The cost is low, you can get it for about $125 -175 on Ebay in like new condition.

I had it and used it for a while, but then sold it and bought the 23mm f2.8 Macro lens. A really outstanding performer. A friend of mine owns the DA50mm f1.8 lens and swears by it. it is also quite inexpensive.

My FA43f1.8, 77f1.8 and F35-70 f3.5-45 are also outstanding lenses . All are later designs then the M42, K M and A lenses and I believe better.

Regards, Horst



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python118 wrote:
Hi, when using these smc lenses i have been using a light meter to get reading then selecting the f stop on the lens, sometimes it does not work as f stop is in between so i have selected a different shutter speed to make it fall in with the f stops on the lens, is this the correct idea


Can someone tell me is this the right idea

Thanks Dave


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Lenses have half stop clicks, so the nearest value will be good enough. Or you can set a different shutter speed as the two things are inter-related.
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I would just use the green button and take it from there. Stick it in manual mode on the camera, take a few test shots and look at the histogram, then adjust to suit. No need for a light meter.


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Cheers thank you both



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If you really want to use a hand held meter then the Weston Master 5 is often to be seen on E Bay. Following on from John's comment that you can always use a different shutter speed, the Weston displays every combination of shutter/aperture that is available to you for any given ISO level (labelled "ASA" on the meter). From there, it is your choice which pair you want to use, from wide open and fast speed to stopped right down and a slow speed. Some older lenses won't play with the camera's automation (Helios 55s, Meyer Domiplan, Flektogon for example) so you have to do some of it by hand because the green button won't work.
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