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Has anyone of you ever dealt with this company?
I found them online and their prices seem too good to be true.
And you know what they say about that.


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Some good comments some bad on here

May be OK if your only concern is cost but what happens if your camera develops a fault?

I bet they don't offer a 2 year warranty as standard


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Prices exclude duty, I think so they're not as good as they appear.

Never used them so not able to comment on service/returns etc.
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If the price seems to good to be true, ask yourself one question, Why!

My advice is stick with the guys that are upfront about prices and provide good customer service.

If you are buying Pentax or other photographic related products I would take a look at:

SRS Microsystems
Premier Ink & Photographic
WEX, customer service is very good, but their prices are not so good

There are numerous places to buy gear online, but the above earn my custom
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Yes, as said, the prices quoted are EXCLUSIVE of VAT - if you go to the checkout it's added on.

I think I'm right in saying this is strictly against the law and prices should be inclusive of VAT. That's why their prices come up as so good in google searches.


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was about to buy a K5 for 599.. damn!
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So long as they show VAT in the basket they are OK. But they show the word "Duty" which is not legal.

They do not state their registered business address, claim they will charge for postage if you send the item back, they are not a registered UK business, they do not display a VAT number, and quite frankly seem to be breaking an awful lot of consumer laws as they claim to have a base in the UK.

I think a quick call to Trading Standards is needed!

Oh, their UK address is Mail Boxes etc! Unit 17 probably refers to their box number!
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