Sigma 135 - 400 Apo DG


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Hi folks,

Has anyone experience of the above lens, for use as a general wildlife / sports lens.



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Yes, and I sold it. I found it a bit slow and soft wide open at 400mm. I now have the 150-500mm and am very pleased with it.
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I had one as well. Fine for large objects such as cars, planes big animals but not so good on subjects with fine detail such as birds.

I now have the 50-500mm and am also very pleased with it.
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I've still got one.... OK in good light even for birds at about f/8 which isn't a problem with cameras that are good at 800-1600ISO

Just did a search on the forum and this is one taken of a
Robin with that lens: link
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Steve Chasey

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Got a copy - usually travels with me if I'm using film and digital bodies as it has an aperture ring, so works with my MZ-S.

Generally felt to be soft at over 350mm when wide open - but with the high ISO capabilities of the current Digi bodies, less of an issue that once it may have been.

Couple of examples taken with my K20 in my gallery.

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Hi folks,

Thanks for all the input.

Bearing in mind that l am unlikely to be trying to shoot LBJ's, and that the lens in question was available at 225.00, l've taken the plunge.

I now need help in deciding which 1.4 Tele Converter to get. I'm told that the Sigma 1.4 is not compatible - does this mean that l am only left with the Kenko (if that's what it's called ) ?

Any help would be appreciated.

regards ....... philip


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If it's for the 135-400mm then don't bother with a teleconverter.
IQ will be very mediocre at best.
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