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Just a quick post to say that I posted my 24-70mm/70-200mm/85mm lenses to Sigma on the Friday, they received them Monday and I had them back on the Wednesday with nice new K-1 compatible mounts.

As a side note I received my used K-1 and it had some marks where a unmodified 24-70mm had been mounted so I contacted Sigma and they have agreed to fit a new front. I did ask if there was a time limit of this offer and was told thet Sigma Japan had said from the beginning that they would only do this until the end of August 2017 so if anyone wants/needs theirs done then I would urge them to get on with it. Turn around is approx 4 weeks.

Quick test shot of Finlay with the 70-200mm wide open on it's return.

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Great to hear of good service so well done for publicising it.

Beautiful dog by the way

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Excellent service
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Posted my 150-500 off a couple of weeks back; quick turn round for the K1 mod - the delay came with UPS returning the package!


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Excellent service !


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I've just sent two on my Sigma Lenses away to Sigma Service UK to have the mounts modified to allow them to be used on a Pentax K1. The lenes were posted on Monday with receipt acknowledge by Sigma on Wednesday, to my surprise I had another email on Thursday to inform me the lenes were modified and on their way back and would be with me on Friday.

Hats off to Sigma for outstanding service with a turnaround of 5 days😁😁

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Excuse my ignorance but what is the issue with the mount?
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It causes a score mark on the K-1 where it mounts on the body. Sigma fit a new one which is slightly different and this stops the problem. Think it may happen with the KP as well.

Only a few Sigma lenses have issues.
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It only causes a small scratch Kris, but I thought it was worth getting sorted as the fix is free of charge. Sigma list which lenses are affected.


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