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It's that time of year agian and I'm contemplating producing my own cards for a change.

Does anyone know of a source of suitably sized photocard with matching envelopes?

Not looking for particularly large volumes (
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I just get them printed by someone like Vistaprint. By the time you have bought ink, cards and envelopes it is hardly worth doing it at home. Hint: with Vistaprint design the cards on their site but then wait a few days before ordering. They always send a discount code!
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I use an online service too. I get 20 double cards and envelopes for €8. Sometimes less if they have an offer. Can't do it myself for that, and the qulity is really good.

My biggest problem is coming up with a suitable photo every year! They never feature us, and I like to get creative with them. I suppose it's time to get creative soon.


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I've used card stock from Photo Paper Direct for years, when I can be bothered, and have been impressed with the results. It could be cheaper to go to someone like Vistaprint but I prefer to do it myself. This one works well if you want a glossy finish on the outside: link. They offer many other finishes and sizes, and all the ones I've tried produce top-quality results. Gwyn is quite right: the biggest challenge is coming up with the right photo.
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I've used Permajet's excellent cards and envelopes for the past few years.

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