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Link Posted 30/08/2013 - 20:03
Short version:
What happens if you take a picture before shake reduction has stabilised? Can this affect image quality/sharpness?

Longer version:
I've been having some trouble recently with my K10D images appearing less sharp than I had hoped for.

I normally disable the autofocus that occurs when the shutter release button is half-depressed and use the AF button instead. I have now realised that the downside of doing this is that the shake reduction isn't activated until you half depress the shutter release button, and that it is also necessary to wait some time for the shake reduction to stabilise.

I then reverted to using the shutter release button to auto-focus and found that a lot of shots still had the problem. Looking at the meta-data, the shake reduction hadn't stabilised, but the focal lengths were such that shake reduction probably wasn't necessary. So, is this some other poor technique on my part, or should I always wait for shake reduction to stabilise before taking the shot?

NB I rarely use the centre focus point as I'm normally focusing on something that isn't in the centre of the viewfinder (and have had trouble in the past with the obvious focus issues that can occur when re-composing, particularly for shots with very small depth of field).

Also, I don't think this is a front/back focus issue as some of my other shots looked nice and sharp. I might test it this weekend anyway if I can find time though.


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Link Posted 30/08/2013 - 20:13
I was having the same problem with SR not having stabilised before I was taking the picture (in particular with panning shots) and getting unsharp images. I now make more of an effort to let it stabilise before pressing the button!, and for panning I turn it off and use higher shutter speeds (except with the Sigma 70-200 which has a SR panning mode)
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