Link Posted 16/02/2004 - 21:12
Hi, I have just purchased a SFXn that didn't come with an operations manual and I haven't a clue what some of the buttons are for or how to get the best out of this camera. Can anybody provide me with some info or tell me where to obtain a manual? I've tried the Pentax site but I think the SFXn is either not very popular or too old as there is not much there.

Many thanks


Link Posted 16/02/2004 - 22:53
Try phoning Pentax (UK) Ltd - they supply lots of instruction books. Otherwise, Oldtimer Cameras advertise regularly in AP that they can supply copies of almost any instructions.
Best regards, John

Kim C

Link Posted 16/02/2004 - 23:54
Try the pentax USA site
I think the name they called it was SF1n (just to be different).
It's free anyway and if that doesn't work, one of the others should be OK. If all that fails I gave give you a link where you can order one for about 5.50.


Link Posted 17/02/2004 - 13:50
Many thanks to John and Kim for their prompt replies and advice. I've downloaded a 75 page manual from the link you supplied Kim and you were right it was the SF1n.
Thanks again guys.
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