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1, 3, 9 and 11 I especially like but the set as a whole is grand!

Opening image is lovely with them soft pastel colours and leading lines.

3 for the way the water seems to swirl and draw your eye around the frame.

9 as I like a minimal image with detail in the bottom half and 11 as it's just colours, textures etc
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Thanks Phil, Phill, Derek, Al, Peter, Ireneusz, Dan, Rich, Chris, Karlo, Dave, Rob, John, Nigel, Gareth for thoughts and comments re these...

Dan, Derek, Nigel and Gareth, thanks for your detailed thoughts re composition etc... very useful my end... Dan, re. using converging wave trails as lead ins in 1, framing out the sand in 11 to imply emptiness/abstraction, emphasising the darkness in 13, all deliberate my end, so a difference in taste between us, I suspect... always interested in pov's, though, so thanks for sharing your thoughts... ...

Rob and John, yes, know what you mean re difficulties of composition with Ultrawides... I tend to use mine (the Irix 15mm here, lucky to have the DFA 15-30 now) increasingly sparingly, but particularly when I'm looking to emphasise scale/emptiness/converging lines, or a relationship between deep foreground and background... also use them on the long exposure front if I'm heading in a slightly more minimalist direction... but they do tend to hoover up whatever's around them, so I tend to use them in a "less is more" way on the composition front...

Derek, yes, would love to meet up if I get out your way again... not due out sadly in the foreseeable as things stand, but things can change mighty quickly in my line of work, so fingers crossed!

Thanks and best...


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Several of these remind me of your Hebrides set, and, like them, are quite beautiful and are the ones I prefer. In particular #'s 1 & 10 both have a ghostly line of swirling mistiness (probably caused by the receding waves?) across the frame that is quite compelling - I would probably get lost in contemplation of those on a good print.

#13 took a little longer to work for me, but that riverlet spilling into the sea finally spoke up and told me where to look (at itself of course). Lovely.
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Thanks for this Serge... yes, a similar sense of emptiness maybe... 1 and 10 were taken with a slightly longer shutter speed (3 secs), which helped to create the mist where the trails hit the water's edge... 13 I particularly liked for the colour palette... I've got some very nice sunset views on other days from the same spot, but this reminded me more of the weather and feel I'd associate with this particular place...

Thanks and best

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