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Link Posted 12/10/2008 - 20:43
Hi all,

Managed to get a hold of one of these today, although would not buy the Samsung version myself. Felt quiet a bit bigger than the K200 I held a few days back, but nicely so. Am I right in saying they are the same camera except for the Samsung name on it?

Thanks, James


Link Posted 12/10/2008 - 20:51
Samsung GX20 is the same as Pentax K20D, as far as I know the only thing you have to buy is the samsung grip as they are different from the Pentax one.
I am sure someone will confirm that here


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Certainly the look & feel of the menus are different. I also believe that the Samsung only provides DNG format when using raw while the Pentax gives the option of DNG or PEF.

In dpreview there was an interview with a senior person from Samsung which implies that there are some differences in the image processing:

"Even though Pentax and Samsung DSLR are almost the same, the image quality - not in a vertical way but in a horizontal way; the color rendering - is different because we use different formulas and algorithms. So although the Samsung GX and Pentax K20D are the same system, some reviews have found the Samsung to be better. Right now we have a small customer base, but we're expecting it will grow. Samsung's SLR business started just three years ago, whereas Pentax has a long history of more than 70 years. At this moment most of Pentax and Samsung's customers are already into the Pentax system - it's natural."



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I have the samsung is excellent.

Pentax K3 gripped,and some lenses

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Me too...

Sent my slightly broken GX10 to their service department and when they totally stuffed it, they had to replace it with a GX20.

Loved the GX10 it's so user friendly. The GX20 is a slight upgrade and still has the same controls which I had come to love on the GX10.

Honestly couldn't give a rat's for the extra mega pixels or the liveview but there are some cool additions to the ISO range and the image palette which are worth experimenting with.

GX20 Works perfectly well with all my Pentax lenses. If I had to replace I would look at the Pentax equivalent as I hear they are virtually identical then probably end up buying the cheaper one. Which strangely, from a quick search, isn't the Samsung.

I could however give you some terrible stories about their customer services but in the end they sent me this camera and 2 kit lenses to replace my broken GX10 body only so all's well that ends well.


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I can vouch for Ewans post, I've held his and had a play with it

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I think the Samsung has a 2 year gaurantee as opposed to Pentax 1 year, although I could be wrong.

I shoot with a GX20 & love it, gets some funny looks in the press pits from the Canikon brigades. Does a job for me.
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The K20D has a 2 year warranty if bought from a Pentax Pro centre such as SRS.

Couldn't agree more about the comments from the press photographers though, quite funny having them come upto you to ask how good it is!

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