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Mannesty wrote:
The later Nikon DSLR's have a 'Focus Shifting' function to produce stacks of up to 300 images, The D850, Z7, and Z6 cameras have it that I know of. It should be so easy to implement in firmware I'm a bit disappointed that Pentax hasn't done it yet, given their range of excellent macro lenses. Search for 'focus stacking' on YouTube to see it in action.

My olympus om-d e-m10 mark ii has this feature called focus bracketing. You set the number of shots and the focus differential and it shoots them all in pretty quick succession. It works very well for hand held on insects. I agree it's a shame that Pentax have not implemented this feature. With Pentax I have to take loads of shots of the insect at different points. It is much slower allowing the insect, or me, to move. However one of the benefits of the Pentax is that it allows me to see the ingenious ways people get round the problem. Great ideas.
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Thanks to all for your enlightening comments. I found David's suggestion to move the subject rather than the camera when using heavy lenses makes sense, and I will try it out. To this point, I have avoided using my large primes for macros because of the wobbly factor. But David, I wish you hadn't given me that link to that El Cheapo, $35 table. Ruined my day for overspending by $100 for basically the same thing. LOL!!!

I love Helicon, which is fast and accurate, and gives you three types of stacking to choose from.


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Should also add that I've had very good success by moving the focussing ring, but only with certain lenses that feature a large and precise focus ring "range", allowing you to nudge out dozens and dozens of very small increments.

Also should say David's suggestion to allow a lot of room around subject was an eye-opener for me, since I have sometimes not only had degradation around the edges, but even lost parts of my subject as I moved into it because of the perspective distortion.
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