Rear screen protector for K3


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Has anyone bought a rear screen protector for a K3? If so where from?


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What Mike said, there Brill!
Cheers Jules...

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Thanks chaps. I have just received one today following your info. Just the job!


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Thanks for info


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mudge wrote:

Thanks for info

x 3 !!!

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Use one on my K50, recommended by someone on this site. Is great
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You can pick up a screen protector for 'Ipad' 'Tablet' etc. in any 'Pound shop' and cut them to fit anything......perfect
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This is a glass protector , much easier to put on.


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Ordered an ACMAXX set a week ago, arrived yesterday and fitted today - Here are some quick pics with my Canon P&S:

- take care fitting this one because the screen and the protector are slightly wider at the pentaprism end than at the other one but did not spot that until I had fitted it the first time

FWIW the pics also show the slightly modified Meike MK-K7 grip
that I fitted to the camera - this one has pins that are small enough to fit holes in the bottom of the K-3 body, so all I had to do was to trim some of the ridges off from around the top edge and add some 2mm thick s/a rubber strip to make a nice snug the fit to the K-3 body. (I had the grip before I bought the K-3 as I was going to fit it to the K-30, but decided to use it here instead!)
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I always use FOLIX screeen protectors, cheap and easy to fit.
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