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Link Posted 10/09/2014 - 19:48
Can anyone please advise me as to where I can obtain polycarbonate screen protectors for my K5 and for my K20?
My usual source (Just Limited) no longer list anything suitable, SRS only stock protectors for Nikon and WEX have nothing either



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Hi Roger,

I use these on my k-3. I also have the versions for the K-r and Q. They all fit well. You can still see the screen clearly although you lose a little bit of clarity with them but having put a slight mark on my K-r screen I wish I had used them sooner.

They do a version for the k-5. A number of users on here use them which was where I got the link for them from. I'm not sure how they compare price wise to other versions but I've found them very good so far and would use them again on another camera.




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Jez beat me to it.

I use the ACMAXX protectors on all my cameras ... well worth the money and they normally only take a few days to arrive.
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Thank you Jez and Mike for the info... looks like I will have to send to the US of A!

And they are not that much more expensive than the older South Korean protectors fitted on my two other DSLRs.

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ACMAXX are very good and the ebay shop delivers very quickly.


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Steep wrote:
ACMAXX are very good and the ebay shop delivers very quickly.

Indeed they do - protectors ordered last Thursday (11th) arrived this morning (16th) all the way from California!



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I have a GGS on my K5 - great for everything except viewing the screen outside in daylight

Great for protection of the screen - rubbish for anything else IMHO
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I use the GGS protector for a Canon 1DS to fit into the groove of the LCD
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