RAW conversion quirk


Link Posted 29/12/2006 - 13:00
Just a quick query regarding RAW conversion. I was playing around last night converting some RAW files to Tiffs using Pentax's Photo Laboratory software (which will suffice until I get a proper RAW convertor sorted out). For some reason if I rotate an image in Photo Lab before saving it, when I open the Tiff in Elements it's massively over saturated. Strangely this only applies to images that have been rotated - if I save the image without rotating it & the saturation of the TIFF remains unaltered. This just seems a bit bizarre - does anyone have any idea of why this might be happening?

Any theories much appreciated (or advice as to what I'm doing wrong!)


Rodger Fooks

Link Posted 01/01/2007 - 18:42
Possibly depends upon the version you are using.
I've just tried it using Photo Lab V3.1.0 converting to TIFF and JPG with no colour changes at all.
Maybe also depends upon which camera you are using my tests were with RAW images from K10D and ist DS
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