Prominent, Pentax Q, Jessops


Link Posted 26/12/2011 - 19:28
Well there I was just popped my head in at Jessops to look at a certain advanced compact camera without interchangeable lenses but with a certain retro styling.

However, a stand in the centre of the shop caught my eye. Some Lumix 4/3 ILC a Nikon V1 (hmmmm I don't think the next version will fly). And the Pentax Q (in white v chic).

I was struck by 2 things, first how chunky the Q was compared with all the chatter. I'd been led to believe the thing was a tiny as a box of swan vestas.

Secondly, how small the front elements of the lenses were.

Anyway, well done Pentax and Jessops. The shared Sony/Pentax cabinet had the pentax K-X shelf sold out, and the Q was proudly on display.
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