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Problems with images taken with the K 7.
Purchased K 7 beginning of month, a lot of the images have very fine verticle lines, has anyone else had the same problem?
Camera is going back to suppliers later this week to be checked.


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Hello and welcome!

Sounds like a faulty camera, but try another card first just in case it's a faulty card. Always format the card in camera before first use, and every time afterwards that you clear the card.

Hope that helps!
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Sounds familiar. I hope it isn't the same problem, but try searching "vertical banding" on this forum. From my personal experience with my K20D my advice would be to get this camera replaced as rather than repaired if you can.
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That was a quick response to my topic, unfortunatly formating doesn't work, appears to be a faulty camera.


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It's a duff'un, send it back for replacement, not repair. Vertical banding has been an issue to varying degrees with just about every Pentax DSLR, and other makes also.

The problem is most pronounced in low light, longer shutter speed situations where you get some really dark areas in the frame. I try to avoid these situations as much as I can.
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I had the same problem with a K20, it just needed to have the firmware re-installed. In my case it showed up in bright light at 1/500 sec at f11
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Hope you solve the problem...anyway, welcome to the forum
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Hi and welcome to the forum.


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Thanks for everyones suggestions about my camera, and how the problem may be fixed.
Camera went back to suppliers, came back a week later.
I have taken abouut 700 shots since then and all the images so far have been perfect, the image quality is quite amazing.


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did they replace or repair the camera, do you know?
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Welcome to the forum and I hope you get the camera problem resolved. Best of luck.

I gladly welcome C & C's. Being foggy minded they really help me learn.


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They repaired the camera, that's ok with me.
I also have a K10D, DA 18-250, Takumar 100 macro, Zeis 135


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G'day and welcome - now you can focus on taking pictures!
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