Problem to view some Optio 750Z pics on PC


Link Posted 22/10/2005 - 16:21
Hi there !
When reading a SD card of pictures made with an Optio 750Z, I am not able to open all .jpeg pics on my PC. To be more more accurate, I am able to read 70 pictures, then a third piece of a picture, and then I am unable to read the 70 remaining ones.
I am able to view every pictures on the Optio 750Z. The snag occurs only when reading SD Card on my PC.
Do you encounter such a problem and how do you fix it ?
Is there a way to edit the .jpg files to discover what is missing in them (the files weight around 3 Mo, this means that they are not empty nor corrupted, and I may see the picutres on the Optio) ?
Looking forward for your help
Best wishes


Link Posted 22/10/2005 - 17:18
Hi Eric

There's a lot of information we don'y know that might have a bearing on the situation. For example, are you using a card reader? What is the specification of the computer you are using - is it running out of memory?

You might try dragging and dropping the contents of your SD card onto your computer (into whatever folder you wish) and see if they will transfer. The computer might find them easier to open once they are all on the hard drive.
Best regards, John


Link Posted 22/10/2005 - 18:16
Thank you for quick answer.
I use a PC (Win 2000). I read the SD on a card reader (8 in 1). I also copied all the pictures from SD on my PC in a folder on my hard disk.
I thought I maybe have locked some pictures on Optio, so tried to unlock. Saved the picture. Tried again to see it on PC but failed.
I tried to make space on the SD in the case the Optio had not enough space to save the change (lock to unlock) but this did not work again (I am not sure to have lock some pictures, it was just a try).
On the SD (or hard disk), the 70 first ones are readable. Then a single one is displayed partly (around 1/8 frome the top of the file, the rest in blank). then the remaining ones are blank. That is with ACDSee. Adobe Element failed to start. Irfanview said "can't read file header ! unknow format !".
I am also browsing forums dans sites to learn more on the way to edit .jpeg files in the case someone else did the same mistake with his Optio ...
On another SD Card, I have been able to make pictures and to read them on the PC.
Again, thank you for quick answer, and trying to help me.
Best wishes


Link Posted 22/10/2005 - 19:23
I think it might be helpful to format the SD card in the camera before taking more pictures on it. How big a card is it? There will be a limit on the 750Z as to how big a card can be used.

If you already have some of the pictures on the PC, you could delete those on the camera and then see if the rest will transfer after that.

The last thing I can think of is that if software is not launching on your PC the problem may be there - you could try uninstalling and then reinstalling the problem applications. Maybe even the card reader could usefully be uninstalled and reinstalled?
Best regards, John


Link Posted 23/10/2005 - 08:37
I think that there is no problem of transfer as the size of the pictures I can't read are of the average of the ones I can read.
It is a 512 Mo SD, I already use it fully without problem. I format the card each time after having saved the files from the SD to the PC. So, I don't think it is a problem a format whereas I wouldn't be able to see the pics on the Optio isn'it ?
If I find the problem I won't miss to tell it on the forum.
Again thank you for sparing time to help me, and to contibute to manage this very usefull forum,
Best wishes


Link Posted 23/10/2005 - 09:24
Be sure to format your card in the camera NOT the PC. You can also run into trouble with some cameras if you copy files from the card to the PC and then back to the card, particularly if they have been edited in some way on the PC.

George Lazarette

Link Posted 23/10/2005 - 14:17
Get another card, and see if you get the same problems. If you do, you have a faulty camera. If not, you have a faulty card.

I would recommend AGAINST constant re-formatting of the card. It doesn't help anything, and may damage the card over time.



Link Posted 24/10/2005 - 11:37
I had a similar problem but the other way around. I could view images on the pc, either directly from the camera or via a card reader but some images couldn't be viewed on the camera screen. The number of unreadable images gradually increased and so I formatted the card (SD 256MB). Now the card is totally unusable, I've no idea why but it just seems to have died!
Two other cards are absolutely fine, so it would seem that some SD cards aren't quite as stable as others.
Die my dear doctor, that's the last thing I shall do!
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