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Hi there,

Would anyone care to recommend a printer I can purchase as a replacement for my Epson SX415?

Outline requirements are :

1. Photo printing up to A4
2. General document printing (B&W, colour)
3. Below 150
4. Individual colour ink cartridges.

Many thanks in advance
Best regards


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I've found the Epson Stylus Photo series to be outstanding. My latest one is the R265, but this has been superseded by the P50, which I would expect to be just as good. The ink's pricey (almost 60 for a set of six) but compatibles are available. Oddly, the text output from word-processing files hasn't been in the same league as the photos they produce, but it's good enough unless you take a magnifying glass to it. This may have been tweaked in the latest offerings. The DTP output is top class. Coincidentally, I've just printed out some shots of a social function taken with my MX-1 and I wouldn't expect better results from a good lab.



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I have a Canon MG6250 six ink (it has a grey as well as dyeline and pigment blacks) printer including scanner. I find it excellent. I bought that model at the time as it had pattern chipped cartridges available. The newer MG model did not.

I generally buy at around 1 a cartridge off Amazon and have no issues unlike earlier printers. Allowing regular ink clean routines and using it often for non photo work helps keep it clear. I find good quality plain paper avoids dust as well. I like 90 gsm from Tesco. I have prints on our walls up to five years old on a variety of offer photo papers Fuji, 7dayshope etc. The only ones that fade are by a couple of south facing french doors.

A quick look on Amazon shows the MG7150, presumably the newer of the same for 124.99 Again you may need to check if pattern cartridges are available or as has been said pay 60 a set for (in this case) Canon's ink.


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Hi,I recently purchased the Epson 710 impression its excellent printing photos the original inks work out at seventeen pounds for five inks which can be purchased separate. I believe the 610 is also a good printer as well. There is good compatables on the market for these printers.

regards Dave


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The Canon MG6450 was only 50 quid on amazon this morning, but has now gone back up to 81

Though think your probably better off with the 7150, and its dedicated grey tanks.
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Daft the model naming of some of this stuff. My MG6250 is six ink not five. They are easily the best Pixma printers from Canon to date. The scanner is decent too, the wifi networking excellent.

lennythelion wrote:
The Canon MG6450 was only 50 quid on amazon this morning, but has now gone back up to 81

Though think your probably better off with the 7150, and its dedicated grey tanks.


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thanks for the feedback, glad to hear you're happy with your Canon printer.


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I have a Canon PIXMA iP7250 which gives very good results. It uses 3 colours and 2 blacks. Has wifi and prints on disks but doesn't scan or anything, it's just a printer. They can be found for around 50-60. Like someone else said Canon inks are relatively expensive.


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And they don't last too long, either


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My original was a Canon, switched to Epson and have never looked back. I'm now on my 3rd Epson in 15 years and have no complaints.


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If canon cameras are as good as their printers....I'm glad I use Pentax cameras
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Had Epson and Canon printers, both good. Currently using a 6 colour ten year old Canon Pixma, no complaints on speed or quality.
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Many thanks for all your suggestions. I'll let you know what I decide, I promise !!

Best regards
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