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Ive been commissioned to take images for a local hairdresser and with 5 models coming to my studio some time in January/February.

I was discussing the terms of the shoot when the client asked, how big can I have my prints So I replied for sure A1, but will have to inquire as to the maxim size.

Now the process I have to follow

Raw (I all ways shoot in raw and save to hard drive before any adjustment are applied)
Global white balance with grey card

And after all my adjustment in bridge I save as Jpg, 16bit but after adjustment I will save as Photoshop 16bit and also 8bit jpg

But for large prints do I just save as tiff from Raw (bridge)

Please advise, as Im unsure and open to a better way of doing this

I will be shooting with my K20D and will be using my Pentax 16-45mm F4 and my Tamron 28 70mm F2.8 Lenses



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save as tiff.

Where are you getting them printed? Check the colour profiles from there, too, and if you haven't calibrated your monitor yet, now would be a good time to do it.

You could always as for some "test" prints; a single decent shot at full size and then smaller ones of the final prints.

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Well going from 16bit JPG to 8bit JPG you don't lose just information because it's a lower bit but also because JPG is a compression, so instead of a 16bit JPG I would advice you to use TIFF.
But I see that you use Adobe programs so I can advice you to use DNG instead of TIFF, DNG is even better, smaller file and no information lost. Also you can do everything with a DNG file in photoshop, without limitation some other files have.

For final JPG can do it for print, certainly when you sent the file over the internet, if you go to the shop I would use TIFF.
Also Ask the shop for a profile of their printer, that way you've more control over how the colours would be.

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Thank you for the info

How big will I be able to have the images printed I think they are looking at 8x10 feet and not inches with a good iq ?? Will i be able to achieve this with the k20d or should I hire a Medium Format for the day.



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It will be fine provided that the viewing distance is appropriate. You need to know where the image is to be sited and you also need to talk to whoever is going to make this print to see how they are going to go about it and what file specifications they will need.

Wall sized prints can be made from 35mm originals, but not if you are wanting high resolution from close distances.
Best regards, John
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