portrait lenses?


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50mm is a bit on the short side but still worth considering.... even a bargain basement f2 one will give a lovely soft background, but you also have the faster f1.7 and f1.4 versions to pick from reasonably cheaply.


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The SMC-M 75-150 is a super lens. Compact and slightly slow at f4.0 maximum aperture, but pretty sharp wide open. Alternatively, a 50mm with a really good 1.5x or 2x converter might work - you do not need clinical sharpness for portraiture.
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Yes - the 75-150 would actually be great... f4 at that focal length probably gives narrow enough DOF on 35mm format (film). It's a good lens on digital too, especially as the f4 setting is very usable so you can shoot it wide open in Av mode (and not worry about all that green button malarkey).


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Hi, some nice examples of lenses suggested on ebay.

I'm looking at around 50 but wonder if I should try the p30n out first before I spend on another lens?

This might be a stupid question, but I assume lenses can be changed while film is in the camera as the shutter is closed?



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You could pick up a K55mm f2 for very little money. Changing lenses won't be a problem.
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That is an interesting suggestion.

But how much would the 55mm f2 differ from my 50mm 1.7 when it come to portraits?



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Very little in terms of focal length, but I think the K55mm is a better portrait lens. I have both.
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I used a Tamron Adaptall 105 f2.5 in my film days (Canon AE-1 I'm afraid) I still use this from time to tie on my Pentax DSLRs too. Nice light weight lens, sharp too but with nice bokeh. You can use it with a KA or plain K adaptor (the KA ones seem to go fo 50+ just for the adaptor!) I found 90- 105mm more to my liking than the classic 85 mm and I also used my Vivitar 90mm F2.8 Macro for portraits, although normally with a soft focus filter!
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Also, some macro lenses make great protrait lenses too. I love using the Sigma 105mm F2.8 DG EX, wide open for portraits. It renders them beautifully.


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You could consider the Jupiter-9 MC 85mm f/2 lens, it is considered very good for portrait. It is an M42 lens, but with an adapter would work perfectly on the P30 (and any DSRL as well)

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I'm selling my smc m 135 3.5 on this site, if you're interested in trying this length?
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Hi, that seems a good price for the 135 in good condition. My only reservation would be the minimum focus distance of just over 1 metre. As I would want the lens mainly for portraits I just feel this could be a bit difficult to always accommodate, especially indoors. Or would that distance be an advantage? I'm open to advise.


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If you are close up with a focal length of 135mm you will have a very tight portrait indeed. 1 metre is more than close enough for a 135mm lens.

I second the suggestion of the 75-150mm lens, which is lovely for portraits.

However, my definition of a portrait is a head and shoulders (or just head) shot of one person.

Some people like to include 20 people and the kitchen sink. If you are one of those, you would be better off looking at a much wider lens. Or standing outside the window.

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Yes, the 1 metre thing isn't a problem at all. Full-length shots need a full living room's distance. Nice outside. But it's as sharp as a tack, so great wide open and when you're finished with it, just sell it for the same price
Actually, I've just had a thought. I'm loving manual focus on the K-01 (with the oultining thingie), so my old manual lenses might have a new lease of life. hmmm... must go an have a play...
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I have just bought a Samyang 85mm f1.4 from SRS for 219 delivered and can thoroughly recommend it. It's a lot of lens for the price. The bokeh on it is lovely and the manual focusing is perfectly damped. I bought it specifically for low light but it's also a fantastic portrait lens.

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