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I know, done to death, but I'd never been here before and some mates were going for a day out.


procIMGP9684 by Mike Edwards, on Flickr


procIMGP9699 by Mike Edwards, on Flickr


procIMGP9702 by Mike Edwards, on Flickr


procIMGP9741_stitch by Mike Edwards, on Flickr


procIMGP9746 by Mike Edwards, on Flickr


procIMGP9760 by Mike Edwards, on Flickr

I've recently installed Microsoft Ice to stitch images together, but I've tried to resist just posting a load of them. I was impressed by the results. I think there's only one above.

As always, any comments or criticism gratefully received. It's a really nice location and we managed to drop on a great day to visit. Only down side was that it was very busy.
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I have never been, and I really should. I used to watch "The Prisoner" as a young boy.

You had a great day to photograph in and have shown it off beautifully. I like the other pano on your flickr page too.

My fave for this set is the third one. But I wish you had posted it last so i could have said "number 6"

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Done to death or not, it's still a great place for photography as you've very ably demonstrated!
Best regards, John


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Cheers all. I'm sure the weather really helped, though I did think that it would be a nice place to photograph after dark. I imagine that's only possible for residents / guests though.
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It may have been done to death but you've come up with some original viewpoints. Well worth viewing.
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I am hoping to go in September when we have a week near Conwy. Hope the weather is as good as you had.
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Yes, we were really lucky, especially compared to the cloud and rain we'd had for the two days prior to the trip.
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One 2nd January, a few years back, we travelled from Manchester to Portmeirion through blizzards. Once there, it was clear skies and warm sunshine. The area is a small micro-climate all of its own as it is so sheltered.

So the chances of good weather are very high!
Best regards, John


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This place is unique and really should be visited on a sunny day to appreciate all the colours and the atmosphere.
I lived not too far away and have been on dull and wet days, it's quite disappointing on a dull day but when the sun shines the place seems to come alive. Particularly interesting if you used to watch 'The Prisoner'
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