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Having recently suffered a couple of rather nasty heart attacks I was pleasantly surprised to recieve a get well card through the post from my camera club, in it a brief note congratulating me on my success in the clubs Annual Exhibition.
Best get well card I ever got
These were all entered as projected digital images, you've seen them before but I just had to post them again

Robin in the Fog, 3rd Place, Natural History

Pheasant, 1st Place Natural History

Window St. Marys Holy Island, 1st place Record

Lazy Days, 1st place Pictorial and also best overall image in Exhibition

I just hope I'm fit enough for the next Pentax meet so I can grab some more winners
My Names Alan, and I'm a lensaholic.
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Congratulations Alan well deserved. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
The older I get the faster I was.
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Beautiful shots, great to here you are feeling better and congratulations!
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Finally!! Sigma 10-20mm

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Well deserved accolades and Iím sure quite a tonic.
Too Old To Die Young

Daniel Bridge

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Well done Alan and of course best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

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Well done and also best wishes for a speedy recovery.
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Speedy recovery Alan.

Lazy Days......

Only back here one week and looking at that image, I'm sooooo home sick.

It is excellent!


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Hope your feeling better mate,

Great series of shots, well deserved accolades.
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Well done, get well soon
C&C welcome.


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Marvellous shots Alan!

The robin and lazy days for me, but the pheasant and church windows are also great shots.

Hope you get back to strength in good time and can enjoy going out taking such wonderful shots again.

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1,2 and three are the pictures I'd like to be taking.

Hope you are mended soonest.


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Thanks for the well wishes folks, theres nothing like a bit of good news to lift a "broken heart" and this certainly was.
I'm on the mend already and hope to be fit enough for the Thorpe Perrow meet later this month so fingers crossed.

I think I got the Robin and the Pheasant on the same day, the Robin wasn't really in the fog, it just looked that way I think theres a Blackbird in my portfolio that I got the same day too, its amazing how a bit of snow on a dull day can bounce enough light around for a Bigma.
I snapped the Lazy Days shot in Durham on the way home from Northumbria where I got the window.
My Names Alan, and I'm a lensaholic.
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All terrific , but the Pheasant is my favourite.

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Great stuff Alan.

Look foward to seeing you again in a couple of weeks time at the meet.



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Well done Alan,very nice nice pics,pheasant and 4 are my fave's.Take it easy with that Bigma!Tony.
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