Please back up your photos.


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know I should have done this before, but I was busy buying shiny bits and a hundred other feeble excuses.

This morning I came to switch the PC on and there was a "ringdingding" and it refused to see the hard drive.

I felt sick.

It took most of the day to get it going again. As soon as I did manage it, I got in the car and tore round to the nearest source of backup drives. My photos are backing up as I type.

I am sure 90% of people back up regularly, but to the rest - please do it.


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I move mine on to an external 3.5 drive every week. A while back it fell about an inch onto a thickly carpeted floor ... and that was that, 2 years of raw files gone for good.
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Having had a computer PSU go down and kill all 3 hard drives on a PC I know full well the value of regular multiple backups.

I have 3 levels of back up.

1] I clone to a 2nd drive

2] I burn to a DVDr

3] I burn to a 2nd DVDr

I purposely have to TWO external SATA burners to burn both DVD discs at once to alleviate the tedium

note: My 35mm film negatives which are 25 years old sit in their folders and are probably more secure than the digital data
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I know the feeling and I don't have as many photos as you folk

Some years back I had a hard drive die on me . A friend managed to save my bacon that time and gave me a rocket about backing up . Then after we had transplanted a new hard drive into that machine, the motherboard died

Now I back up in more than one way - but everything is backed up each time.

Both MacBook Pros have their own external Drive , which has 2 partitions on it - one for Time Machine and one for SuperDuper [ which is a bootable back up ] , I also have a portable external for the MBP I take away with me, and it also has both TM and SuperDuper in use.

Aperture has its own library on an External Drive too - so that should be safe [ famous last words ]

I'm still cogitating on the back up system - I'm not sure I'm yet totally safe
let the education continue

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My 35mm film negatives which are 25 years old sit in their folders and are probably more secure than the digital data

If they are black and white and have been archivally processed, definitely.

If they are colour negatives the dyes fade at different rates and after 25 years the colours may be a nightmare.

If you have Kodachrome slides that have been kept cool and in the dark, then also definitely.

If you have E-4 or E-6 process slides, then many will be very poor indeed.

Nothing lasts forever.
Best regards, John


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I have several CDs with images from my old OPTIO, trouble is they were burnt as archive files under win98 and now I can't read them!!!

I had a new external drive die and take ALL my backups and some new stuff to digital heaven.

A 2 month old SDHC card refuses to give me my files from my K200d.

It seems that no matter what we do we will, eventually loose al our files,

Still, we can enjoy them while they last.
Cheers, HG

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Mustn't forget the Zenits, or folders, or...

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To Hardgravity ...
PM sent
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k7 10-17fe 12-24 55 100 macro 18-55 50-200


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so, as a quick question:
a) how fast is your DSL upload?
b) how much data do you create a month?
c) what would it be worth to be able to send a (filled) disk somewhere and have it available via internet?

The prelim issue is seeding (i.e.. the upload of data even with a 2MB upload speed is limited to around 5GB / day, assuming no problems) and then it's the amount of network traffic created.
I'd think we're talking a couple of gigs of new data per week for most, no?

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I do use a local back up hard disk drive but also back up any photographs that I don't want to lose to an online account.

In my case I use SmugMug, with which I am very happy. Normal accounts which cost little allow uploads of up to 12MB per file, and if you pay extra for a Pro account then the sky is the limit (or rather, your patience with broadband speeds is the limit....).

It is possible to upload and store RAW files too, and as they store copies on three separate servers shared with Amazon in the USA, I feel more confident about future use of the files than if I had them stored separately at home.

The biggest issue is upload times - realistically you don't want to upload more than 10-12 images at a time if you have a reasonable broadband connection: that can take perhaps 30-45 minutes depending upon their size. But I don't tend to process more than that number of images at any one time anyway (on account of death threats from head office if I spend more time on the computer!), so in reality it hasn't been a problem.


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I have a 1Tb external drive, and 2 500Gb external drives. I transfer all the pictures onto my other laptop, and backup onto my 1TB and one of the 500Gbs. The other 500Gb is stored offsite, and monthly updated from one of the other drives.

Really important photosets are also backed up onto DVD, and most of my pics are also uploaded onto Flickr.

That, I think, gives me a good amount of redundancy! Fingers crossed!
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Do you use archive quality DVDs RD? I have some ordinary ones which have not lasted 5 years.


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No, I will confess that I don't, on the other hand, the ones that I have used seem to have held up well to date.

What brand were your ones? The ones I have used are a mix of Verbatim, Maxel and Sony. Having said that, even the cheapie own brands have behaved well to date. I have disks and files burned onto generic 'pack of 50' CDs and DVDs coming up for 10 years old, scratched to hell, and still reading. But I suspect that is luck as much as anything else.

A few of my disks are looking yellowed at the edges despite being stored well away from het and light, so I'll probably need to reburn those. Are there any archive quality brands that you'd recommend?
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Ok, I am looking at this thread for the time it has been posted. Call me a geek but I am missing here something and be shocked to learn that most back up either a HDD or a CD/DVD.
As most of you may (or may not) know CD's and DVD's have to stored correctly because the memory layer has organic material within and is bound to degenerate (also that may be years).
But what really shocked me is that no-one is mentioning RAID.
I do a lot of DV Film and it tales LOTS of space so I have by now 24TB of HDD space in a RAID 6.
Now I can hear some of you saying 'what the f*** is RAID'? Have a look here and it explains it better then I can do even when sober ()
I run a RAID 6 System and even I had a HDD failing on me I just replaced it and all is fine.
A decent SATA Samsung 1.5TB with 7200RPM you can get for under 60 by now,2TB are under 80 and you got at the very least 5 years warranty, some even give you lifetime warranty.
Why has no-one else mentioned this in here? Am I the only one that makes use of RAID.
I cam to it due to DV Video and the space it takes in HD. I usually but another ad on 1TB a month as now I got not only DV Video but also RAW+.
Am I really the only one that makes use of one of the best backup system there is?
Kind regards

It's nice to be nice!

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...trouble with RAID is that it just increases the chance of having discs fail, which are tedious and expensive to replace. RAID is not a backup system, it is for Resiliance and speed. Resiliance is not backup, it just means a system keeps on working whilst the failed part is replaced.

the warrantee on a harddisc is useless, you don't get the data back, you just get a new (blank) drive.
Still shooting in the dark (literally and metaphorically)...
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