Photozone test of D-FA 50mm


Link Posted 11/07/2015 - 01:08
I don't shoot Pentax much these days, but in my interwebs voyages I noticed that Photozone (for reasons I can't quite fathom) suddenly decided to review the D-FA 50 Macro.

I'm lucky enough to own one of these (have done for years), and always thought it was the sharpest lens I own. I now have mathematical, chart-based proof that it's not all in my head! When the shooting situation is right for it (bearing in mind the f2.8 maximum aperture) the bokeh is also the most beautiful I've seen. I'm actually semi-seriously considering buying the Pentax FF just to use this lens on it* - especially as I'm likely to be moving to somewhere a bit more photogenic in a year or so.

* Though of course it and the DFA 100 would need a wide-angle FF friend to keep them company. LBA has no limits!


Link Posted 19/07/2015 - 00:54
Why, why, why have Pentax not rebodied this gem?
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Link Posted 19/07/2015 - 17:20
But imagine being stuck with the DFA 50 as the only lens in that range, or worse yet - ones only lens.

It's not bad for non moving or non people subjects but... The amount of focus hunting makes it one of the worst examples of Pentax AF - ever. The amount of times is focus hunts regardless of camera settings, lens setting, and subject, and also the length of time that the focus hunting operation takes. It almost better to use this DFA autofocus lens in purely manual focus mode - probably even a faster mode of operation

I own all of the DFA macros, but they are also very rarely used, not quite worst taking up the space in any sized gadget bag.
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