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Link Posted 28/01/2008 - 10:02
When loading RAW (PEF?) files into CS2 you apparently need a plug-in or update to plug-in to get the software to recognize PEF files from K10/K100. As far as I can discern this is 'Camera Raw 3.7'.....

Does anyone know if this is correct?....or, there a better plug-in/RAW coverter that will do the job in CS2.

Thanks for any help which would be greatly appreciated.


Link Posted 28/01/2008 - 10:11
The plug-in update is freely downloadable:

(This package includes the stand-alone RAW converter that takes most RAW formats and converts to DNG format)

There are definitely better ways to do RAW processing... and there are many threads on this good forum
(e.g. Silkypix, Capture One )

(For gallery, tips and links)


Link Posted 28/01/2008 - 10:19
Hi Matt,...thanks for the speedy reply.....

To cut straight to the kill,....what is the best converter/method of getting the files into CS2 please?

CS2 is massively challenging in itself and I need all the help I can get..!!!


Link Posted 28/01/2008 - 10:30
First: download the plug-in anyway. It's the easiest way of loading RAW files - because you're only dealing with one application. However, there are still a set of controls in the Adobe Camera RAW interface that need mastering. Google for some tutorials

Second: The Adobe Camera RAW is ok, but not the best - from an image quality point of view. My personal preference is Silkypix Developer Studio - I hardly do anything in Photoshop when it comes to adjustments (only manipulation, dust removal, etc). There is a free version of Silkypix available too.

Third: Use the Pentax RAW converter. That's a no-brainer really. After a while you may find it a bit limiting, but the image quality is excellent - it's based on Silkypix

If you are dealing with K10D ISO 800 to 1600 images, then I would strongly recommend using Silkypix. I've written a couple of sticky guides - one for Silkypix and one for Capture One LE (which comes free with Sandisk Extreme III cards at the moment, though version 4 is now out).

Options 2 & 3 require you processing the RAW into a JPG or TIFF and then loading that into PS.

Final thought: the world of RAW is a big one... and definitely worth the investment in time and effort But don't expect to master it in 5 minutes (any more than you would with darkroom development).

(For gallery, tips and links)


Link Posted 06/02/2008 - 15:04
After many keyboard adventures, I have managed to load the Camera Raw 3.7 and can sort of open the files in CS2/bridge......

Unfortunately, there seems to be no thumbnails, just the numbered files so it's difficult to know what one is opening without clicking on loads of files until the right one comes up by accident.

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong please? goes without saying that I have spent hours fretting and fuming while clicking on everything and checking all the menus repeatedly......


Link Posted 06/02/2008 - 21:58
Hi - I dont use bridge much but Lightroom - but in Bridge dont you;

Click on 'File'
Click on 'Get Files from Camera'
A window displays and you click on the 'Advanced Dialog' and it shows you thumbnails of the pics.
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