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Some will be aware of the old Pentax Stereo Adapter set that came with a 3-D splitter adapter and a slide viewer. I tried to make use of this on APSC cameras but it wasn't wholly successful as it was designed to be used on a standard 35mm camera with a 50mm lens. Well now we have a comparable DSLR so I thought it would be worth trying again.

While anaglyph 3-D images work, they do require those strange red and blue glasses. Then the old stereo viewer Pentax provided was for viewing 35mm slides, not digital files! However a new variation has been invented, wiggle gifs! While dedicated compact cameras can produce 3-D images I thought I would try it out with the Pentax adapter with the resultant stereo frame converted to a gif in Stereo Photo Maker (stphmkre) which allows saving files in various stereo formats.

PU doesn't allow uploading gifs so the image links to my home server instead so it might not work overnight UK time (so if it isn't there, try it again later!)

My first experimental wiggle gif!

Pentax K-1 with DA50mm f1.8 lens @ f6.3 and Pentax Stereo Adapter.
John K
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John that is weird
cheers Neil
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It's making me feel sick!


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I wish I could find a better way of doing 3-D on a 2-D screen. Suppose it might work with a sort of virtual reality Viewmaster style attachment on a mobile phone. Alternatively, take it on Kodachrome slide film .... oh it's gone. Back to the wiggle then!

If you wiggle in time it may shed a few pounds off Or I'm open to suggestions for alternatives.
John K


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I can see the idea but it looks like an earthquake!
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It hurts my eyes!
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It's actually the inbody shake reduction that's overdoing it a bit!

John K


Link Posted 06/10/2016 - 00:13 the's different indeed
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