Pentax Q for wildlife video


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Took a few clips the other day of a GS Woodpecker feeding its chick. About 25m distance and up in a tree. Light not brilliant so wide open with the DA* 300mm. Could be improved with some editing and colour balancing but I don't have much in the way of video editing software. Quite sharp though I thought, and how else could I do that for that money?

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Great stuff.

Best regards


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That's very impressive. The lighting around holes in
trees isn't usually very good, but the Q has coped well.
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got to say it is very impressive not just the video but the bird and i dont like birds lol
Thanks Richard


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Were you in a hide and how high off the ground were you? Very impressive and the sound track was good too.
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Gosh that is very cool - nice one!

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Superb really first class
All the best



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Springwatch is on the tele and on the computer at the same time!

Really impressed.

P.S. They just had the woodpeckers on Springwatch and apart from the white balance, I think your video is better!
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10/10 for the Q then, of course we mustn't forget the photographers bit
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Thanks - but it was really easy. Heard the youngster calling as I was walking on a nearby path. There was a less used sidepath where I set my tripod up. A good 25 metres away with the hole about 15 feet up, north facing of course. No hide , just the cover of a bush. Bird was completely unaware of my presence although had been slightly disturbed with my shutter from the stills with the K30, which is why I moved further back with the Q.
It really is good for video as lower light is less of an issue where you are not trying to freeze movement with a fast shutter speed.
In fact I had to move back a bit as I couldn't fit it in the frame.
I hadn't played it with the sound on - thanks for pointing that out!


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Well done Dave, what a great use for the 'Q'. Looking forward to seeing some more!


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Fabulous Dave. Well done



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Too cute for words!
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