Pentax P50 - thoughts?


Link Posted 16/06/2003 - 06:44
I have recently accquired a Pentax P50, mainly out of curiosity as it is a model I had not used before (and the price on ebay was too tempting!).

I have put a few rolls of film through now and while the results are as expected I am struggling to get to grips with the camera. I am always more tempted to pick up one of my older Pentaxes (Super A / MX etc). How do others feel about this model?

Joshua Hakin

Link Posted 21/06/2003 - 19:52
I have a P5 which I beleive is the same model with the Canadian name...
I like the camera if I'm shooting print film because it's easy to use as an aperture priority camera. I don't use it for slides anymore because of the lack of an ISO adjustment, not a big deal really since it does have 1/2 exp. comp., but I like a bit of variety at times.
But it's a cool little camera! I've put a lot of film through mine... but not lately... but I just might drag it out to burn up a few rolls!
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