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Link Posted 23/06/2003 - 21:13
I’ve been using a P30 and P50 (with motor) for the past 17 years, but my P30 has now died and I want to replace it with another Pentax camera.

As I haven’t needed to buy a new camera for 17 years, and have photographed only in manual mode I am out of touch with what cameras are available now together with all their features.

I am considering buying an MZ6 with the 28-90mm/f3.5 lens but would like to know if is worth buying this package in preference to another, cheaper MZ body and lens?

A couple of Pentax buffs have suggested buying an LX (and motor) but apart from the cost it will also be too heavy to carry around both that and my P50 + motor.

These Pentax fans have also cautioned me about the new cameras and lenses being made of plastic compared to my equipment which is made of metal. Will a new MZ camera body be able to hold my old 28 – 80mm/f3.5 lens or will it be too heavy for the plastic bayonet?

I also have an old Vivitar 80-200mm/f4 lens which is incompatible with new cameras and I would need a similar new/used Pentax lens, but can anyone reccomend one?

I’ve seen different types of Pentax 80-200mm/f4 lenses with ”A Lens” or ”SMC” after them. What does this mean?


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I have been using newer bodies alongside my MX and various ME derived cameras. The ones for me that stand out are the MZ5, MZ5n and MZ3. These retain proper shutter speed dials, metal mout and add a host of new features that can be used if desired. I suggest you handle these cameras at a dealer and see for yourself how well they can fit in with the lenses and handling that you are used to. Whilst buying the new body you might as well include a standard zoom for the minimal extra cost it will involve.

The LX is a superb but heavy professional body - make sure you get a little used amateur owned one!

SMC stands for "Super Multi Coated" and the "A" refers to lenses with an "A" setting on the aperture ring for use with the A series (Super A etc) and later cameras.

Do tell us what you choose and how you get on with it!
Best regards, John


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Thanks for the information. I've started looking for some second hand MZ3 and MZ5N cameras on the internet as new ones are beyond my current budget.

I've found in Scotland with very reasonable prices, can anyone suggest any other dealer?

Looking at lenses I've found some described with "FA", can someone explain what this means? Ideally I'd like to buy a good second hand lens but need to be sure that I'm buying the correct make for an MZ body.


Link Posted 24/06/2003 - 21:57
If you are in the UK the best place to start is probably to buy a copy of "Amateur Photographer". There are plenty of advertisers that have the items you are looking for.

"FA" is an autofocus lens. In general, all lenses can be used on the latest bodies, but the features available will depend on the lens. For example:
Screw mount lenses can be used withe K adapter but only with stop down metering.
K and M lenses are the first bayonet lenses and can be used with manual metering, aperture priority metering and of course with manual focus.
A lenses enable also program and shutter prioity metering.
F and FA lenses are autofocus and allow all metering patterns and other functions. FA* denote very high qualioty professional lenses with special glasses.
This list is not complete, but I hope it gives an outline of what you can expect.
Best regards, John
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