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Link Posted 16/07/2004 - 19:38
I have obtained a pentax P30N, in virtually new condition with a zoom and wide angle lens, but no 'standard' lens. have asked Pentax what was supplied with a new outfit, and their answer was at best vague.

Can anyone help. specifically what should I go to the store and ask for.




Link Posted 16/07/2004 - 20:02
I think the P30 series sort of over-lapped the days when 50mm standard lenses gave way to 28-80mm zooms, so I would forgive a vague answer to some degree! (Including this one, I hope!) What constitutes a "standard lens" is traditionally considered to be one with a focal length equal to the diagonal m,easurement of the format. This is thought to give a view that equates to our human vision and for 35mm cameras would be 43mm.

Now pentax do, uniquely, supply a superb 43mm lens, but in practice I could recommend any pentax 50mm or 55mm bayonet lens as a good standard.

If you mean the first basic zoom as a standard lens, then this started as 35-70mm but soon extended to 28-80mm.

My criteria? If possible, a constant f number, so the SMC Penta-A 35-70mm f4 zoom fits well with your camera. Or a good 50mm, such as the SMC Pentax-A 50mm f1.7, again, ideal for your camera.

If by standard lens, however, you meant the one that fits in usually with your view of the world, then the lens I would use most would be the 24mm! But that is digressing.....
Best regards, John


Link Posted 24/07/2004 - 14:34
I too have a Pentax P30 (and love it) The lens that was standard when these cameras were new was the 1:1.7/50mm Pentax A (a suitable lens on ebay here ( . Older Pentax M lenses will fit but you will not be able to utilise the program mode on your camera. You will only be able to use the camera in fully manual mode.

Another downside is that use of a PK lens (as opposed to PKA) on the P30 renders the dedicated flash unit (AF200SA) useless at it must be used with a lens set to "A"


George Lazarette

Link Posted 24/07/2004 - 16:48
It's amazing how many 50mm lenses are on sale on Ebay at the moment, and as a result the price is very low. I recently picked up a very good A 1.7 for 15.00.

At these prices, everybody should buy one.


Link Posted 24/07/2004 - 16:53
I just picked up a rather nice SMC Pentax-M 50mm f4 Macro lens, but just missed out on an Elicar 90mm f2.5 Macro, which is one of the few outstanding Independent lenses.
Best regards, John


Link Posted 25/07/2004 - 15:16
Amazingly you can still buy a brand new MF Pentax 50mm lens in the USA for $50 (B&H in NYC). Great value if you happen to be visiting...

There is some great stuff on Ebay but the Pentax branded lenses tend to be really heavily bid IMO. Third party lenses are much cheaper but obviously not SMC



Link Posted 05/09/2004 - 19:08
I looking for MANUAL to Pentax P30 (not p30t and p30n - only P30) if you have - i can buy it (or XERO). Greetings.
Przemek - Poland
[email protected]

Kim C

Link Posted 05/09/2004 - 21:56
If you want to download a good copy of the manual for the P30 try my website at

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