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Link Posted 06/03/2016 - 15:22
I have recently been given a P30 film camera which works absolutely fine.. However I have used 1 film while away with family in wales and the automatic film rewind button does not work,, is limp and loose.. Presumably a spring has gone?
How can I rewind the film fro processing thanks


Link Posted 06/03/2016 - 18:27
The P30 doesn't have a film rewind button, the film has to be manually re-wound. This is done in the "traditional" way of most manual SLRs by lifting the lever on the top of the rewind knob (on the left of the camera as you would hold it) and turning clockwise until you feel the last of the film re-enter the canister.
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As above - after pressing the rewind button which dis-engages the film advance - allowing the film to be re-wound. Once re-wound, opening the back (by pulling up the rewind knob) will re-engage the film advance and 'drop' the rewind button for the next film.
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Once you get used to the P30 you will really like it. Let us know how your pictures came out
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