Pentax MX - Flash Unit - Looking for assistance to find a flash


Link Posted 28/03/2003 - 19:21
I have a pentax MX, which is probably 20 years old and it is my favorite camera. I have lost the flash unit that I used with it and can't remember the model number. So, I need to replace the unit. I am looking for recommendations. I don't know if there is a dedicated unit for the camera, but I would like to know what would be the best match.

Thanks ???


Link Posted 31/03/2003 - 10:02

You might want to look over here:

That should give you everything you need to know.

All I can say is that the AF360FGZ has been absolutely brilliant for me. Solidly made (which was not always the case with Pentax flashes I fear), feature loaded, and powerful. It has a built in slave sensor (the "magic eye" kind), which allows it to work well with my Canon S30 digicam too; built it 20mm diffuser and catch light - which creates wonderfully soft lighted portraits; lots of modes; complete control in manual and auto; LCD with backlighting; etc etc. Plus, it works with every Pentax body there is, so you won't get caught out if you ever change bodies! Just be aware that some of the features only work on the newer bodies (MZS, and the newer bodies too). eg. Autozoom works on the AF bodies (like our MZ5, MZ10 and Z1), but you can manually adjust that.

Every time I use it I'm glad I made the switch from "compatible" flashes.

Hope that helps,
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Joshua Hakin

Link Posted 21/06/2003 - 20:05
I have to go with Matt on this too. The 360FGZ is great, and will work on you older MX! No TTL, but you will be able to use A mode which has a varyable aperture setting! Most flashe units only give you the choice of one aperture, take it or leave it.
Awesome flash unit!!!


Link Posted 29/06/2003 - 04:06
Agree with both, but it seems overkill for this camera. I suppose it all depends on your usage of flash.
I bought a near new AFT280 on ebay for $56, almost new, swivel&tilt head works a bundle and much cheaper than the otherwise great more recent models
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