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Hello. I have the LX and recently and when I take photos and develop them, every now and again- maybe 2 or 3 shots in 24- night or day, inside or out- I am getting what can only be described as a ray of light at the top or side of the shot. It is like a band of light and if I didnt know better I would think that the shot was carelseely taken with a high powered spotlight shining onto the scene which was definetly not the case.

I wondered whether I have a leak ? Or whether I need to block the viewfinder, but thought that the LX didn't require this.

I am assuming that it isnt my chemistry or developing technique but, then again, I am not ruling this out.

I thought that I would put this out there as I am hoping someone recognises the symptoms and can tell me what is happening.

Any advice would be welcomed once again



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Usually this would be caused by a light leak.

It might be a badly fitting back, faulty seals, or excessive light shing into the viewfinder.

The viewfinder will allow in loight if tyhe exposure is long enough and the ambient lighting is bright enough. Try again using the viewfinder blind if necessary to eliminate this possible cause.
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Is it generally the first or last shot of a sequence? Sounds like you have a slight light leak, probably because the seals need changing, but it only shows on frames which have been near the door for a while.

Run your finger along the edge of the door. If you get sticky black goo stuck to your finger you need to change the seals.

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Thanks chaps. I will see what the next film brings and report back



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I may have the answer. I was concerned as the camera was serviced within the last 6 months and so hoped for operator error as opposed to a return to the menders.

When I used the winder I purchased recently, that involved taking out a cap at the bottom of the camera and screwing it into the winder for safe keeping. When I took the winder off later, I didn't put the cap back and there is a big hole right into the bowels of the camera. It may or may not be this but it could well be. I have posted a link to a review where the reviewer highlights this as a potential problem.

I mention all this as it may help other people in due course, if not me.

The reviewer is choeN a Expert from London & KL

and the relavant prose is under "weaknesses"

The link is

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