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Link Posted 27/12/2018 - 11:02
I aquired my fathers Pentax ME super + lens, Sigma 100-200 F/45, Makinon 72mm, Pentax 50, Makinon x2 converter. I have purchased a K-70, the lenses fit but i have a Red flashing F, its to do with focus, are the lenses the problem.


Link Posted 27/12/2018 - 11:14
I don't have the K70, maybe others can be more specific, but I don't think it's focus. I think it's aperture settings have you set the camera to use the aperture ring on the lens if they do not have an "A" setting. It will be in the menu somewhere
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Activate "using aperture ring" in the camera menus. Then you will be able to use lenses with no "A" on their aperture ring, but in manual mode only.

Using lenses with an "A" on the aperture ring, basically any AF lens, plus the A series manual focus lenses, the camera will function more easily for you. You will get better results using newer lenses that most of the ones you list.
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f45 lens you'll only be able to use that on the surface of the sun

think you mean f4.5, any K-mount lens will work on your K-70 (any for RK fit will need 'modification'

ok, ok, I'll get my coat.

Enjoy the K-70. I actually had the Nikon competitor in my hands yesterday (D5500), you have the much better camera...
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