Pentax Instruction Manuals


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Very useful website link


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Your right, it is very useful
Regards, Horst


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Very cool, thanks!


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After being delighted with Pentax for including a proper paper instruction manual, I found that the print-size is so small I struggled to read it. So this was a great help. (Some people are never satisfied...and have failing eye-sight!)
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I carried the K-x manual in my camera bag for months when I first got it. We'd stop for coffee and out it'd come...

Haven't carried the K5 manual despite the fact that there have been several instances where its presence would have been invaluable!!!
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I have a friend who works in a print shop. All my manuals are A4


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i downloaded the pdf version of my K-5 manual to my Kindle - much easier to read and as i usually have it with me most of the time very handy...
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