Pentax GPS Unit Review


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Have a look at our Pentax GPS Unit review:


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Thanks for the review. I may have missed it but how did you find the battery life?

I like the idea of GPS tagging but not sure it's worth the cost


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Interesting review. I have toyed with buying one so my photos are tagged directly, and I don't need a computer with me when travelling.

My current logger has to be downloaded to a Windows computer regularly so the buffer doesn't get full. I then have to tag the photos when I get home using a tagging program.

I'm still not convinced by the Pentax logger though. I can get it for €199 here but it's still a lot of money.

Battery life is a good question too.


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Nice review there, the astro-trace is the first reason I have been toying with getting one of these, the tagging is a nice addition for me.
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GPS comes as standard on the K3ii but it doesn't appear to include the compass feature. When it is on you can almost watch the battery draining. To be perfectly honest I haven't found the slightest use for it yet.
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I have the GPS unit on my K5ii. I use it all the time. I find it very useful to have my photos tagged, partly because we are often travelling for a few weeks at a time and the tag is very helpful for showing where a photo was taken when I get round to processing them. I also use the astrotracer function occasionally, when we are somewhere with dark skies.


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davidwozhere wrote:
GPS comes as standard on the K3ii but it doesn't appear to include the compass feature. When it is on you can almost watch the battery draining. To be perfectly honest I haven't found the slightest use for it yet.

It shows on the display; if you select the info button and you are presented with several options like the shutter/ aperture/ iso screeen; compass is one of them IIRC


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Yes the compass feature is one of the screen options on the k3ii
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I have used the GPS unit on the K70 for some daylight shots but haven't used the astrotracer yet.
On the K70 one of the 3 User Dial setting came pre-programmed for Astrotracing with the GPS unit directly from the factory which is nice. I did however change the program to save the files in Raw over the default Jpg. The internal navigation option has been dropped but the compass remains.
The night vision option on the adjustable LCD screen is helpful when it comes to not affecting you night vision when setting and aiming the camera.
I also checked the GPS Exif Data on a couple of the shots that I used the GPS on and the GPS Heading Angle References and I assume the Compass is relative to True North not Magnetic North. This may be unique to the K70 but it could be, from what I've been told, something to do with the fact the Magnetic North is constantly moving and over the last couple of years the movement is quite erratic
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I bought a cheap GPS unit that had a faulty astrotracer function simply to geotag photos with my K-3 as Gwyn says. I use rechargeable AAA batteries in it. Biggest problem... I keep shooting film. I'd rather have a built-in GPS though, the unit is a bit cumbersome and I never use the built-in flash anyway.
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