Pentax FA 28-200


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I bought this fantastic lens from AndrewA for a very fair price, and started shooting with it almost immediately. It hasn't quite replaced my 18-55 as my main walkabout lens as usually I shoot a lot of landscape and architecture, and it's just not quite wide enough for that.

However, I've been doing quite a bit of gig photography recently, and I've found myself using the 28-200 more than anything else, as it lets me do both moderate wide shots as well as extreme close ups.

Here's my setup:

And here are some of the resulting photos:

Based on completely non-scientific parameters I'd say it was a good lens optically, but a great lens when you consider its reatively small size when at 28mm (it extends SIGNIFICANTLY to 200mm) and its overall reach on a DSLR (bear in mind, it's a 300mm effective on a crop body).

All in all, a fantastic lens for the money


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I agree. I got mine when the mz5 was "NEW".
it performs excellent at 28 mm and fair at 200mm.
form 28 - 135 it is very useful... especially when paired with the kr at higher iso's where the lens's resolution and the grain start to equal each other out.

the only drawback is the "Dust pump" effect of zooming... in dirty conditions that can mean more dust inside the camera, it is an older design after all.

nice shots
Fired many shots. Didn't kill anything.
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Great lens, I should have kept it

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Sorry Still, you've got that DA 55-300 to fill the void
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