Pentax AF160FC Macro flash


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A few shots taken with the new AF160FC:

Initial impressions:

1. Very well built with a sturdy construction and quality connections and parts

2. Heavy, but has a very good balance on the K20D

3. Works without any vignetting on the DFA 100mm Macro and the Sigma 180mm Macro - the latter needs an additional 67-72mm step-up ring which I purchase on fleabay for ~3

4. From my limited testing to date - exposure is spot on. For 1:1 macro work at f/16 I did need to dial in the provided +0.5 power on the dial

5. Slower recharge rate compared to me Metz 48 AF-1

6. Cable might be unwieldy for some, but fine for me

7. Although composed of two flash lights, they almost completely encircle the flash (semi-circular in design) giving a much better (IMHO) reflection that the Sigma or Metz macro flashes (small straight strip flashes) that produce distinct separate bars which (again IMHO) don't look as attractive in 1:1 macro

8. Having 5 settings for full, full-left full-right left and right flash are excellent and allow you to play with different shadow effects

9. Excellent service from SRS as always

Some examples with my K20D:

Springtail (Sigma 180mm Macro):

Mothfly (Pentax DFA 100mm) - 1:1 macro:

Snowdrop (Pentax DFA 100mm):

A few more:

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Thanks for the review and the pictures
Kind regards,
Michal R. Hoffmann
K20D, DA 16-45mm, A 50mm F/1:1.4, DA 55-300mm; flash Pentax AF240Z


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Thanks chirpy, looks good, I must resist the temptation though
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Clarky: Tell me But I promised myself to build a DIY LED ring once I have some time this year...
Kind regards,
Michal R. Hoffmann
K20D, DA 16-45mm, A 50mm F/1:1.4, DA 55-300mm; flash Pentax AF240Z


Link Posted 19/04/2012 - 17:08
I've just taken delivery of one of these along with a DFA 100mm macro . It's my first journey into macro photography. I'll be messing around with this set-up over the weekend and wanted to pick the brains of anyone who uses this combination for macro.

So has anyone got any advice for me on the general topic of macro (specifically handheld) and in regards to using this flash with the 100mm?

Already surprised at how narrow the DOF is at F16


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Whatever happened to Clarky?

Sean, it might have been better to have started a new thread as this one that you've dug up is over 3 years old.

However, you should have no trouble using this combination hand held.

My only advice is, use partial lighting on one side or the other to create some modelling effect (light shadows).
Peter E Smith

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