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I am lucky enough to live in rural Perthshire where there is ample scope for landscape and wildlife photography.
In my film days I had a K1000, MX & MG. Then I moved on to a Ricoh XRX.
In the last 6 months I have discovered Pentax DSLR cameras and acquired 6.
K-x, K500, K100D, K110D & K10D. I still have K fit lenses from my film cameras and they still give good results on the DSLR's.
It's good to learn something new after 50 years of photography.
I hope to rebuild my confidence to the point where I might show a sample of my efforts.
This seems the place to seek advice and view reviews of kit.


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Welcome I too still have some K mount lenses from my film days, it's one of the things that Pentax got right that keeps most of us hooked.


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Hello and Welcome to the Forum!

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Hello and Welcome
K10D, K5 plus plenty of clueless enthusiasm.

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Welcome to the forum - you are right that this is a good place for advice. Do you still have all 6 Pentax DSLR's? If so why? It's great to have a backup but 5 backups seems a bit excessive!

Best wishes

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Welcome. I admire your dedication to the cause with 6 DSLRs!


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Hello and welcome to the forum.

I suppose I'm also lucky to live in rural Perthshire.

Best regards


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Six Pentax DSLRs in six months?? That is definitely an addiction!

Welcome to the forum


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Thanks for the welcomes.
I confess to also being a camera collector. When I let it be known that I was taking up photography again when I retired I got offers of cameras "never used" or inherited from relatives. Or upgraders or Canon/Nikon migrants.
I also passed all my M42 gear on to another "collector", who has 80 cameras. Many of which he still uses.
I bought a K-x the year before retiring but never really took to it. Convinced that the DSLR route was still the one to follow I bought a K500 last year. This was better but still a tad daunting. A K100D, K110D and K10D followed. The K10D is definitely the one I use most and I think will be the workhorse. They are all beautiful pieces of engineering.
Photoshop Elements and Gimp software fit in with my IT background and enable correction of errors.
I enjoy my photography and could never be a purist.
And for the record my total number of cameras currently stands at 18.
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