pentax A 35-70 f4


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i have been offered one for the price of the postage it has some lens separation but are told the body and all the other bits are all OK i have had a quote to fix 40 is the lens worth fixing ? or can it be you ed with out
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I'd be amazed if someone could fix separation for 40 - from what I understand this problem is caused by the breakdown of the glue used to cement elements together. At the factory the parts will be glued on very precise jigs in clean room conditions, both of which the average repairer will struggle to match. Unless the elements are precision glued to within a fraction of a millimetre the lens will be useless.

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Regarding the cementing of elements together ... I know bugger all about this so forgive a potential stupidquestion ...

but is the 'cement' transparent and applied across the whole area of the glass or is it just on the edges?
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I also know nuffin about this myself but found this....


It seems that the adhesive is applied to the whole surface.


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Just get the lens and try it This is a really top lens and cement separation sometimes doesn't affect the pictures. In the meantime look out for a good one. Not worth paying for a repair that may not work. You should get a good lens for about 35 or less.
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I was watching a program about how lenses (not Pentax) were made. On that particular job, the lenses were cemented over their whole area.
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