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Link Posted 15/12/2008 - 23:27
Hi A friend recommended "Avast" anti-virus software (a free download). Seems to work for me, no probs as yet. It sends updates every couple of days,so I assume it's doing it's stuff.

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shargreaves wrote:
Hi A friend recommended "Avast" anti-virus software (a free download). Seems to work for me, no probs as yet. It sends updates every couple of days,so I assume it's doing it's stuff.

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Welcome shargreaves! I've been using Avast for around 3 years now and heartily recommending it to anyone who asks (which has been quite a few people!). In that time I know of no computer that's been running Avast to get any form of infection.

It's free, uses very little system resources and just works brilliantly and quietly in the background. I'm glad I'm not the only one here who's pleased with it.
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Hyram wrote:
Can anyone recommend 'security' software for a PC that actually works

My home PC was attacked by some 'malware' which McAfee happily allowed in to change various registry settings, without coming up with any alerts.

A McAfee scan indicates the machine to be 'clean' whereas other spyware type programmes that I ran from a disk, indicate a major infection.

I cannot now access the internet, so this is being typed at work.

I use AVG Free version 8.0 it comes complete with it's own anti Spyware program built in and I have had no problems.

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Hi Shargreaves and welcome,
When you have a moment would you please fill in your location profile, Thanks.

You will find on here a mix of Antivirus users, I myself use Norton 2009 on the laptop (Vista) and Eset A/V on our Desktop (XP)..


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I use Norton 2009 Internet Security and as it claims it uses much less memory. No longer hogging resources it seems! (as per previous versions)

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Thank you everyone for the responses.

Quite a lot to think about.

The computer is away at the moment having its hard drive wiped clean and XP reloaded.

Here is an item from the BBC website today - pretty alarming :-


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I saw that - luckily I never use IE, and haven't done for years. I used to use Opera but am a Firefox convert now


Link Posted 16/12/2008 - 18:16
I can highly recommend Avast and have been using it for about 12 months now with no problems, it is installed on a Vista laptop and an XP laptop and runs very well on both.
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Link Posted 16/12/2008 - 18:43
I had this 'Time'computer 'upgraded'to windows 2000 pro and some more RAM added. The technician put on Zone Alarm and AVG Free mk8,but now there is a problem(he told me about it). I cannot scan with the AVG Free and cannot get update manager to work when I click on it,it updates then says 'Update FAILED-connection with server disconnected' BUT there is a GREEN tick which says'Protected, all components working' so I don't know what to do - shall I un-install the AVG Free mk8 and just have the Zone Alarm? Any help would be appreciated ( but I cannot understand 'computerspeak'much).
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Link Posted 16/12/2008 - 18:51
Is that the free ZoneAlarm (firewall only), or ZoneAlarmPro (firewall only) or ZoneAlarm Internet Security (firewall with virus/spam blocking) -- I'll assume the free basic ZoneAlarm.

Most likely you need to tell ZoneAlarm that AVG is allowed to access the internet. If ZoneAlarm did not ask you about access (or if you accidentally chose 'no'), you can go to the Programs panel within ZoneAlarm and set the AVG executable to be allowed to access the internet.
I haven't used the free one in many years, but it should not be hard to find.

other than that, it is probably true that AVG is working as expected... it just thinks you are not connected to the internet and cannot get its updates.
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Link Posted 16/12/2008 - 18:52
I think it would be better to uninstall both and then just re-install either AVG or Avast.

There's a practical limit to what we can do without in-depth computer skills.
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Link Posted 16/12/2008 - 19:05
Not a bad suggestion. I assumed the guy who installed it knew better than to have conflicting software installed. Maybe not?...

I am always for specialization when it comes to security. Often you get a company who specializes in virus scanning and thinks it can expand to include a home grown firewall -- they often fall flat. But if one can handle both well, then great! "Zone Alarm Internet Security" includes Kaspersky's virus software which was a pretty well respected technology. This is one case where I feel pretty good about the combination.

Unfortunately ZoneAlarm is not "simple" to use and maintain, regardless of the simplficiation bells and whistles they've added.

By the way, I've been looking up some independent testing sites, and a security program called "Online Armor" seems to rank pretty well, even the free version ranks higher than a lot of others.

You can see one of the results charts here:
Some of the results require interpretation and further understanding of what the tests entailed, but generally that one looks worth investigating when my subscription runs out for ZoneAlarm.


Link Posted 16/12/2008 - 21:10
I have both running on my machine. Sometimes AVG can't update. I just try again later, to try the next day. Often there isn't an update to update and it gets confused I think. There is no conflict between Zone Alarm and AVG.


Link Posted 16/12/2008 - 21:17
To be fair, it may well also depend on what OS is in use and how well updated that is.
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I will get round to filling in my profile. New years resolution I think.
I'm not a computer boff or anything but I've been told a few horror stories about early Norton software,and McAfee. My computer came with McAfee pre installed.So I uninstalled it.

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